We have been working hard to make Shambles as safe as possible for all our customers and our staff when we reopen on May 20th 2021

There are lots of changes that we have had to make.

Please read through these changes before you visit us to make your experience as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

  • When you come to Shambles you will need to wear a mask. You can take it off at the table but need to wear it to visit the loo.

  • You must give us your full name and phone number when you book or arrive or if you have the app on your phone you can scan our QR code at the door. This is a government requirement for contact tracing 

  • INSIDE: Tables are for  6 people if from different households.For two separate households the number is not limited to 6 but to book a larger table you will need to email us.

  • OUTSIDE: Parties of 30 maximum. ie you can book our courtyard.

  • All orders for food and drink are made by table service. 

  • Please comply with all the social distancing and safe hygiene practices we have in place to protect everyone. We have multiple hand sanitising stations and a one way system. All furniture and touch points are regularly sanitised with a long acting antimicrobial spray...it may make the tables a bit sticky but it kills viral particles.

  • Please do not come to our restaurant if you feel in any way unwell or have any symptoms that may be from Covid-19 infection

  • Lastly ,we have fewer staff at present on the floor and in the kitchen for social distancing purposes. Service will be slower. Please be patient and kind as our staff are doing their very best in difficult circumstances. We will not tolerate unsafe or difficult behaviour

Please arrive at Shambles at the side entrance on Mitre Tavern Yard and wait at the door to be met by the supervisor. There is a hand sanitising station for you to use before you enter. Your booking details will be checked or you can scan our QR code. You will be taken to your table. Please remain at your table and do not walk around the cafe unless you need to go to the toilet. Your orders will be brought to the table and payment will be taken at the table. You will then exit the cafe by the front door. The one way system is there to aid social distancing and keep everyone safe and secure as possible.